Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Everything Pregnant

Morning sickness is our body reacting to the pregnant hormones. Some people say that people who get motion sickness are more likely to feel nausea during first trimester.

Studies show that about fifty percent women feel some degree of nausea during first trimester and another fifty percent might be fine.  Nausea tends to be at its worst when your stomach is empty, hence the name Morning sickness, but it could strike anytime round the clock really. While you're feeling sick and weak, don't forget that studies show that nausea peaks between 8-10 weeks and generally ease up or disappear totally after first trimester. Just  give your body a little time to get used to being pregnant and churned up by all those wonderful hormones.

If you are the 'unlucky' half, here are some tips that would help you survive:
  • stay away from strong odors such as perfume, cooking, garbage, etc. Your sense of smell is greatly enhanced during this stage of pregnancy and any of these smell would trigger nausea.
  • never let yourself go hungry, an empty stomach triggers nausea like gun powder. Keep something plain and simple in your handbag, such as crackers, plain bread, a piece of plain cake, etc. I find that drinking soup and eating soup noodles help calming my own (very severe) nausea.
  • keep nibbling as much as you can, don't get too full or too hungry. Be gentle to your stomach, treat it like a time-bomb, nurse it like a new born puppy. Keep sipping liquid round the clock, water, juice, or whatever settles your stomach.
  • relax and rest as much as you possibly can. Resting helps calming nausea a lot. Just don't forget to feed yourself some crackers before you leave your bed.
There are lots of natural remedies and recipes that are very good at easing morning sickness. I shall talk about it when I get a moment to write.

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